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Back into Pre-Season

I’ve signed up for round 3 of 12wbt and we are back into the swing of pre-season. This is where you take the time to have a good hard look at yourself, be honest, set your goals, tell everyone what your doing and get motivated and ready for the next 12 weeks. Newbies are signing up and you can’t help but hop on the excitement wagon. You are also the first to tell them how great the program is too, what your successes were and if your me, you realise where you went wrong last time and make yourself a promise to fix those things this time round.

I’m pretty sure that i’m going to give myself another 15kg goal to lose this round. I’m hoping by kick off (september 13th) I’ll have hit the 20kg mark of weight loss so by the end of 12 weeks, 35kg will have been gone!!!!! That is just completely surreal to think. I’ll be under 100kg! Such a nice thought!!!!

So for this week, I’m going to be focusing on resting up whilst I kick this cold, enjoying my birthday, re-focusing on my goals and being there for the newbies that are joining up. So many new Cairns members!!!

Chrissy xx