Kick off Rnd 3 12wbt

Today is kick off!

Not a great start to the day. I have 3 of my children sick. I wish they would keep vomiting constrained to the toilet but they seem to want to share it around with the house (ewwww)! The thing that annoys me is that this all started after 4am. I got up with my hubby to take him to work and trying to be organised, got dressed in gym gear straight away. So 4 hours later and i’m still in my gym gear sitting at the dining table with a clingy 3yr old by my feet. I’m hoping that she will go back to sleep soon (as the other 3 are still out of it) and i’m going to do one of Mish’s dvd’s. This is something that is out of my control and i’m not going to let it defeat me and get in the way. Hubby is at work today so once his home i’ll duck down to the gym. No excuses!

I had a little bit of a hurrah! OMG! moment on the weekend. I have been wanting to get a new pair of tights for my workouts. Ones that didn’t fall down when i ran and gave me some support. I went into Rebel sport and tried on a few styles but I wasn’t getting anywhere until i asked for some help. Anyway i ended up getting a pair of performax tights in a SIZE 16!!!!!!!!!!! I tried an 18 on but it was too big, even tried a 20 on too but yeah it wasn’t going to stay up! I was so proud of myself and how far i’ve come. I can’t wait to be out there buying a 14!

I’m going to do a seperate post on my goals and committments (gotta keep me accountable) and also my measurements. I have to do my before photo also!



So we are in pre season and we are all currently undertaking tasks to help prepare us for the 12 weeks ahead and beyond. One of our tasks is to list down all the excuses we’ve ever used or could possibly use in the future that has held us back or stopped us from eating right/exercising and to find solutions to them.

This task last round was a real eye opener for me. I had to actually sit back and laugh at myself and give me a good old slap. So often you tell yourselves these excuses and you tell other the same excuses that it becomes believable to everyone. So writing this list down not only changed my mindset on exercising and eating right but I also adapted it to my every day life. The result….I’m now living my life and my weight loss is staying off. Each day, each week i become more determined.

I decided tonight that to help me out and keep me accountable, i’m going to list down some of my excuses that i’ve used in the past and could probably use again.

  • Too tired
  • I’m not motivated
  • I’m too fat to do that
  • People will laugh at me
  • I have too much to do around the house
  • I’m pregnant so I dont need to exercise
  • My husband wants me to stay home with him
  • My husbands work hours!
  • Kids are sick today
  • Had a rough night
  • Knee is feeling a bit sore
  • I ate well today so it doesn’t matter if i dont train
  • I can’t afford to

I think you get the idea. How many times has these excuses crept into your thoughts or out of your mouths when you have talked about exercising, going to the gym etc?


Its been a hard week

Even when you feel like you are ontop of your game, things don’t always go to plan and I never always go to plan. The past week has been a little turbulent and situations have arised which has thrown me out. I am ashamed to say that the past two days i’ve emotionally eaten. I’ve realised what I was doing hated myself and then found myself later going back to it again. Its a horrid cycle yet its one that I need to get back ontop of.

Next week my whole routine is out the window as we are going to be carless. Last weekend Dh had an accident, some careless woman doing a u-turn drove out without checking. Whilst the car is driveable its going to need repairs done and we will be without for about a week. This is where this weekend, I am really going to have to sit down and plan my time and workouts wisely!

The good news is that i’m now nearly 18kgs lighter. So close to my 20kg goal, I’m absolutely thrilled! I can’t wait to get there. I think i’m going to reward myself with a Lorna Jane shirt!


Getting back into the swing of things

So after having two weeks off sick, I went and did the red arrow this morning with two of my friends. Was so nice to be out there in the crisp air, heart pumping, calories burning. I’ll be back again tomorrow morning!
I can’t wait til I’m back into my old routine again. I missed my exercise highs!

Back into Pre-Season

I’ve signed up for round 3 of 12wbt and we are back into the swing of pre-season. This is where you take the time to have a good hard look at yourself, be honest, set your goals, tell everyone what your doing and get motivated and ready for the next 12 weeks. Newbies are signing up and you can’t help but hop on the excitement wagon. You are also the first to tell them how great the program is too, what your successes were and if your me, you realise where you went wrong last time and make yourself a promise to fix those things this time round.

I’m pretty sure that i’m going to give myself another 15kg goal to lose this round. I’m hoping by kick off (september 13th) I’ll have hit the 20kg mark of weight loss so by the end of 12 weeks, 35kg will have been gone!!!!! That is just completely surreal to think. I’ll be under 100kg! Such a nice thought!!!!

So for this week, I’m going to be focusing on resting up whilst I kick this cold, enjoying my birthday, re-focusing on my goals and being there for the newbies that are joining up. So many new Cairns members!!!

Chrissy xx

Week 12 – This is not the end!

Well im updating my blog late this week as today is the last day of Round 2 of the Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. I have spent the past week apart from today sick as a dog and completely bed ridden. I’ve managed no exercise and i’ve hardly eaten. This week was meant to be our major milestone event however I believe that mine will be done on the 28th August. Theres talk of climbing “the Pyramid” however i’m sure for those who have followed, or are interested in doing the 12wbt, what kind of results i have gotten!

I started out my weight loss journey at 127.8kg. At the end of Round 2, I now weigh 112.1kg. I haven’t done my measurements yet so I cant at this stage tell you how many cm’s i have lost off my body but as soon as i have those details i’ll update it here. you will have to excuse my photo – this was my first time out of bed for the day and i’ve been extremely sick!

before and after shots

Weekly Weigh In 11. The finish line is in sight!

So today I have weighed in at 114.9kg giving me a total loss so far of 1.4kg this week and 12.9kg all up. I’m really happy with the loss but frustrated about that 100g reaching 13kgs.

I’m now at the gym 2 hours a day averaging more than 800 calories for the two sessions. 600+ on weight training days as i’m adding in extra cardio.

I’ve thought of training like a mad woman for the next week to reach my goal of 15kg but i think to be fair to the family I’m just going to continue how I am, eat clean, train hard and watch my portion sizes (my weak spot!).

I will add though that today I actually ran on the treadmill. So far i’ve kept all running to the night time but today walking fast just wasn’t cutting it. I’m sure it would’ve been a sight from behind but who cares!

Looking forward to the next week!






When i started out my 12wbt journey, I had to write down my goals. 1 month, 2 moth and 3 months. Today i had to laugh and be proud of myself. My 3 month goal was to do one lap of the Red Arrow without stopping. My very first lap of the track took forever, I was constantly stopping feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and I remember thinking OMG Christine, what the hell were you thinking!? Today I still hate the first lap and I still have those thoughts of woman your crazy but I perservere on. Each lap for me seems to be shorter and quicker.

Today though I completed 3 laps!!!

The other acomplishment I realised today that when I first started, I was walking 1 lap to my friends 3. Today I did 3 laps to my friends 4 and for the crazy fit one, 6! This I only started 10 weeks ago.

One thing I found frustrating though was that because I’m a bigger girl, people think that when they see me stopping briefly they must comment eg: just take it easy, you’ll be right. I love the look on their faces when I turn around and say thanks but i’m on my second, or third!

The morning after a good workout = Buzzing full of energy

This morning I’ve managed to get up early no hassles and I think I contribute it to the workout I did last night with my sister in law. Whilst I’ve been going to the gym, and thats great, I was craving some outdoor hardcore make me spew workout (funny how things change!). Whilst I didn’t make it to the spew point, I was pushed and when my body said no more, I did more. I was made to do burpees, not on the bench like we have been on the beginner level of the 12WBT but full on, 3 rounds. Man it was hard and i think by the end of it I looked like an elephant on tranquilizers but I still did it and feel great for doing it. I wish I had the time to more training like this more often.

So this morning i’ve been up since 4:30am and not finding it hard. The happy endorphins are still in from yesterday and I feel like I’m buzzing (see peoples, you can have this feeling without putting crap in your body!)

We are about to start week 11 of the 12WBT so these next two weeks are ones that I am going to smash, just like a teenager working on an assignment the night before. I had a sneak peek at the scales and am currently sitting at a 12.3kg loss. My goal for the 12 weeks was 15kg. If I put the work in I know I can do it. Its not going to be easy. Easy is what got me fat in the first place because I took the easy full of excuses road. But its going to be so worth it. I’ve put my name down for Round 3 which starts in September and I’m hoping by then that when I do start, I’ve smashed the 20kg mark.

Anyways i’m off to have some brekky and then go pick up my hubby! Love weekends!!!!!!!!!!

Week 10 Weigh In

I have stayed the same this week which I am happy about mainly because it means no gain! Affected again by ttotm, sick kids and not eating right (hey its all about being honest!).

I’m feeling horrid today because its another day that I’m not at the gym. Declan has woken up with a horrid nose and cough that I can’t take him into the creche 😦 I’m going to try my hardest to do mish’s dvd today. I just have to wait til the kids are all asleep tonight.