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Update 09 Feb

Its been a while since I posted but thought It was time to update. I successfully gave up soft drink! I admit to having a few the other weekend. I was out with friends for coffee and already had my water with me. I don’t drink coffee or tea. I had it, didn’t feel a craving to have more and I was pretty pleased with that.

Consistancy – I have been consistant with my exercise. I’ve been going to my weekly PT sessions and I’ve been training every other day. I’ve actually surprised myself with how quickly my fitness and endurance is improving.

Achievement: I can run!!!! Yes i repeat I CAN RUN!!!!!!! For those who know me personally, they would know what an achievement this is given that  I hated walking and once even cried because  I had to go for a walk! So i’m pretty darn proud of this.

My second achievement….within a week I’ve shaved 77seconds off my 1000m row time. Last Wed (01 Feb) I rowed 1000m in 5:05mins. Wed 08 Feb I rowed 1000m in 4m28sec.

I love being back into my training. I love that the family has fallen into the routine. I will follow this post up with all of my 12wbt committments and goals shortly!

Thanks for reading xx


2012km in 2012 Challenge


On some of the 12wbt facebook groups, there have been people putting out some challenges, some are even going as far as putting their status updates to “for every like i get for this status, I will run, walk, swim 1km for every like” Whilst I’m not eager to do that, I was eager enough to accept a challenge of 2012km in 2012. I will do this either by running, walking, pushing a pram, swimming, stationary bike, treadmill etc. I’m actually looking forward to doing it. I have racked up 10km already but am looking forward to doing more. I’ll need a way to log it though so that I and everyone else can keep tally. Maybe a facebook document?

I’m Baaaaack!

Lets cut to the chase. I screwed up and fell off the wagon big time in Round 3 of 12WBT! I have been cranky at myself, I have felt depressed and I have felt like something was missing from my life. I know though that it is ok to fall off the wagon, what matters is how you get on.

My goal with my blog this time round, is to give a non nonsense, un-glorified in your face view of my weightloss journey. I think its important for me to do to be totally honest with myself and I think that it is important for other people to read to. I mean putting weight on is easy. What is harder is getting it off and sometimes for peopel (especially me) its not as easy as eat clean, train hard. There is a whole other side of it, a side that I’ve been hiding behind for 27 years!

Week 2

Weigh in this week I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic. Little exercise and some indulgent eating have occurred a bit too much. This week we saw off my hubby to his new job so its been a tad emotional for me. This will be the longest time we’ve been away from each other for nearly 11 years! So it was nice to hop on the scales and see a 500g loss. It was something!

Truth of the matter is I’m struggling with the school holidays, not in the sense of omg these kids! I’m losing my hair! More to the point of organising the time to get in some training, having somewhere there to help me look after them so that i can get to some group fitness. Some of you may know that I use the creche at the gym but holidays is the only time I dont, it just simply gets too expensive. So I need to do something to change this. I’ve organised a family group fitness event up here tomorrow but I need something more than that! I need to get organised as it is only hurting me.

So on the agenda today for me is to organise myself a bit better in terms of training and i’m also doing a massive wardrobe clean. I’m getting rid of everything and I’m going to enjoy trying on the old size 22 clothes before I move them on!

Weekly Weigh In 11. The finish line is in sight!

So today I have weighed in at 114.9kg giving me a total loss so far of 1.4kg this week and 12.9kg all up. I’m really happy with the loss but frustrated about that 100g reaching 13kgs.

I’m now at the gym 2 hours a day averaging more than 800 calories for the two sessions. 600+ on weight training days as i’m adding in extra cardio.

I’ve thought of training like a mad woman for the next week to reach my goal of 15kg but i think to be fair to the family I’m just going to continue how I am, eat clean, train hard and watch my portion sizes (my weak spot!).

I will add though that today I actually ran on the treadmill. So far i’ve kept all running to the night time but today walking fast just wasn’t cutting it. I’m sure it would’ve been a sight from behind but who cares!

Looking forward to the next week!






When i started out my 12wbt journey, I had to write down my goals. 1 month, 2 moth and 3 months. Today i had to laugh and be proud of myself. My 3 month goal was to do one lap of the Red Arrow without stopping. My very first lap of the track took forever, I was constantly stopping feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest and I remember thinking OMG Christine, what the hell were you thinking!? Today I still hate the first lap and I still have those thoughts of woman your crazy but I perservere on. Each lap for me seems to be shorter and quicker.

Today though I completed 3 laps!!!

The other acomplishment I realised today that when I first started, I was walking 1 lap to my friends 3. Today I did 3 laps to my friends 4 and for the crazy fit one, 6! This I only started 10 weeks ago.

One thing I found frustrating though was that because I’m a bigger girl, people think that when they see me stopping briefly they must comment eg: just take it easy, you’ll be right. I love the look on their faces when I turn around and say thanks but i’m on my second, or third!

An apology

Tonight I was going through doing a photo clean up and of course I stumbled through old photos of me. Wow I’m just totally ashamed of myself and had quite a few jaw dropping moments. It got me thinking back to my state of mind and things that were going on at the time. One of the things i remembered is people constantly trying to get me to lose weight, trying to help me with what to eat etc, trying to push me in ways they thought would help. How did i handle it? urgh it made me feel terrible, it made me go to the cupboard and scoff my face so it could help me feel better or on some occassions (now talking 5 years ago nearly) grab a packet of cigarettes. In my mind no one was helping me, they were picking on me. They didn’t care, they just hated me cause I was fat.
So here is an apology to those people…..I’m sorry for not listening to you and I’m sorry for the negative thoughts I felt at the time. If I was in the same position I would probably be trying to help too and when the offers never got a response, I would’ve just turned my back after a while. Infact I think im doing that now to people. Sigh.

Anyway i think i needed to get that out. For those of you who know me personally will know how this relates to you and I hope that you can understand why i’m apologising here and not personally.


Im giving you pre-warning….my weigh in post tomorrow is not going to be a happy one. Its that ttotm and its been an up and down week so i’ve gained,but im over it now. These things happen and I know where i’ve went wrong. I have my plan in place and I just have to stick to it.
Instead of wallowing in the displeasure of this i’ve decided to have a sit back tonight and re-evaluate the things in my life and look at my acomplishments, the things that have changed for me, the people that have changed in my life. I’ve figured out there are some things and some people in my life that i dont need. Sometimes just the thought of it depresses me so its time to go!!!
Tonight i also had a look at my goals, tweaked and changed a few things and am pretty happy with how i am progressing.
So heres to tomorrow. The start of a “new week” in 12WBT world and my new start to righting my wrongs!

Thai pumpkin soup

Recipe from the michelle bridges 12wbt. This one is a family favourite! Great to make in advance, freezes well.

1.8kg butternut pumpkin
1 tbsp red curry
1 onion diced
500ml of salt reduced chicken stock
Kaffir lime leaves
Dash of extra virgin olive oil

Chop up pumpkin and dice onion
Heat a saucepan with olive oil and cook onion for around 3 minutes
Add in the red curry and stir
Add pumpkin and chicken stock plus an extra cup of water, bring toi boil and reduce to simmer for around 15 minutes or until all softened.
Set saucepan side and allow pumpkin to cool.
Using a stick blender or food processor, blend in batches.
Serve with kaffir lime leaves.

Enjoy xx

Week 2 – 12WBT

Again I’m a bit slack with this week. I’ve had a bit of a downer week due to it being TTOTM (that time of the month). My energy has been depleted and my moods all over the place. I’ve come to realise that thats ok though, not each week is going to be perfect and I just have to focus on today and get on with things.

Weigh in went well considering…..1.1kg lost and now down to 123.3kg. Getting closer to that 120 mark (my first mini goal). I really need to knuckle down more and put a bit more of me in it. I need to have my little Mish on my shoulder. Yep call me crazy but I am my own Personal Trainer in a way. When things are getting hard (and they do) I pretend I have Mish behind me yelling at me, telling me to commit and saying come on just one more minute. Am I crazy? Probably, but hey it works for me!

This week I’m getting a bit more organised, tomorrow is now going to be my cooking day. Any meals from our meal plan that I can cook in advance and freeze are going to be made tomorrow. I’m also pre-making the childrens lunches to save a bit of time during the week. I hope that this will help me be a little bit more successful. My workout days and times have also been re-organised for this week. I’ve got a stack of exercise dvd’s on hand for the mornings that I am awake early (which is most days!) and Kurts not home early enough for me to go to the gym. NO EXCUSES!!!!!

Otherwise i’m now feeling pretty good about things. I find the more I talk to people who have similar goals, the more positive, motivated and inspired I get.

Now…..onto week 3!!!!! This is going to be my week 🙂