Update 09 Feb

Its been a while since I posted but thought It was time to update. I successfully gave up soft drink! I admit to having a few the other weekend. I was out with friends for coffee and already had my water with me. I don’t drink coffee or tea. I had it, didn’t feel a craving to have more and I was pretty pleased with that.

Consistancy – I have been consistant with my exercise. I’ve been going to my weekly PT sessions and I’ve been training every other day. I’ve actually surprised myself with how quickly my fitness and endurance is improving.

Achievement: I can run!!!! Yes i repeat I CAN RUN!!!!!!! For those who know me personally, they would know what an achievement this is given that  I hated walking and once even cried because  I had to go for a walk! So i’m pretty darn proud of this.

My second achievement….within a week I’ve shaved 77seconds off my 1000m row time. Last Wed (01 Feb) I rowed 1000m in 5:05mins. Wed 08 Feb I rowed 1000m in 4m28sec.

I love being back into my training. I love that the family has fallen into the routine. I will follow this post up with all of my 12wbt committments and goals shortly!

Thanks for reading xx


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  1. YAY for the running! Well done that’s awesome. I long for the day when I can say that I can run. I will get there. One day.

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