Week 1 weigh in

Week 1 weight in of Round 3 was yesterday. Happy to report in the first week a weightloss of 1.6kg. Really happy with that and if i keep it up i’ll be well on my way to hitting my goal of 15kg. (Actually i’m hoping for more but 15kg seems a pretty good start).

It got me thinking though this afternoon how would it feel to hit under 100kg? How would i celebrate? Would i feel differently? What shape would my body take? Its hard to believe that in about a month or so time i’m going to be there. I can’t even remember a time that I was under 100kg. Probably in highschool but what age i’m not sure! Looking forward to getting there though!


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  1. hi chrissyL i wanted to ask what u put in kids lunch boxs – sorry could not see anything on 12wbt site to send this to you direct and could not see any recent activity by u – would love to no so get my kids off easy quick processed etc have purchased everything to make buttermilk pancakes, banana bread so want to start making things from scratch – anything u suggest would be great – wow great weight loss journey for u so far 🙂

    • Hi Sandra,
      Sorry for such a late reply, I have had an extremely busy week! For the kids lunch boxes, I make vege sticks with hommus, thai chicken balls (similar to the thai fish cakes from last weeks menu). I make them the buttermilk pancakes and the banana bread too. i also make them their own muesli bars and biscuits. I have also started making my own yoghurt for them (i brought an esi-yo yoghurt maker from coles) and the kids love it! I will say though that every friday they have a free day for their lunch so they get to have something different rather than head straight to the tuckshop.

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