The morning after a good workout = Buzzing full of energy

This morning I’ve managed to get up early no hassles and I think I contribute it to the workout I did last night with my sister in law. Whilst I’ve been going to the gym, and thats great, I was craving some outdoor hardcore make me spew workout (funny how things change!). Whilst I didn’t make it to the spew point, I was pushed and when my body said no more, I did more. I was made to do burpees, not on the bench like we have been on the beginner level of the 12WBT but full on, 3 rounds. Man it was hard and i think by the end of it I looked like an elephant on tranquilizers but I still did it and feel great for doing it. I wish I had the time to more training like this more often.

So this morning i’ve been up since 4:30am and not finding it hard. The happy endorphins are still in from yesterday and I feel like I’m buzzing (see peoples, you can have this feeling without putting crap in your body!)

We are about to start week 11 of the 12WBT so these next two weeks are ones that I am going to smash, just like a teenager working on an assignment the night before. I had a sneak peek at the scales and am currently sitting at a 12.3kg loss. My goal for the 12 weeks was 15kg. If I put the work in I know I can do it. Its not going to be easy. Easy is what got me fat in the first place because I took the easy full of excuses road. But its going to be so worth it. I’ve put my name down for Round 3 which starts in September and I’m hoping by then that when I do start, I’ve smashed the 20kg mark.

Anyways i’m off to have some brekky and then go pick up my hubby! Love weekends!!!!!!!!!!


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