Update 09 Feb

Its been a while since I posted but thought It was time to update. I successfully gave up soft drink! I admit to having a few the other weekend. I was out with friends for coffee and already had my water with me. I don’t drink coffee or tea. I had it, didn’t feel a craving to have more and I was pretty pleased with that.

Consistancy – I have been consistant with my exercise. I’ve been going to my weekly PT sessions and I’ve been training every other day. I’ve actually surprised myself with how quickly my fitness and endurance is improving.

Achievement: I can run!!!! Yes i repeat I CAN RUN!!!!!!! For those who know me personally, they would know what an achievement this is given that  I hated walking and once even cried because  I had to go for a walk! So i’m pretty darn proud of this.

My second achievement….within a week I’ve shaved 77seconds off my 1000m row time. Last Wed (01 Feb) I rowed 1000m in 5:05mins. Wed 08 Feb I rowed 1000m in 4m28sec.

I love being back into my training. I love that the family has fallen into the routine. I will follow this post up with all of my 12wbt committments and goals shortly!

Thanks for reading xx


Giving Up Diet Softdrink

I have an addiction that I need to get rid of……Drinking Pepsi Max. We go through so much in this household, it gets expensive and I have been thinking about it more  especially concerning the effects that it has on our bodies.  Last night was the last night that the household was allowed diet soft drink, today is day 1 of it not being consumed, or even better, brought into the house. I expect there to be some withdrawals of course but its something that we have to do.

2012km in 2012 Challenge


On some of the 12wbt facebook groups, there have been people putting out some challenges, some are even going as far as putting their status updates to “for every like i get for this status, I will run, walk, swim 1km for every like” Whilst I’m not eager to do that, I was eager enough to accept a challenge of 2012km in 2012. I will do this either by running, walking, pushing a pram, swimming, stationary bike, treadmill etc. I’m actually looking forward to doing it. I have racked up 10km already but am looking forward to doing more. I’ll need a way to log it though so that I and everyone else can keep tally. Maybe a facebook document?

I’m Baaaaack!

Lets cut to the chase. I screwed up and fell off the wagon big time in Round 3 of 12WBT! I have been cranky at myself, I have felt depressed and I have felt like something was missing from my life. I know though that it is ok to fall off the wagon, what matters is how you get on.

My goal with my blog this time round, is to give a non nonsense, un-glorified in your face view of my weightloss journey. I think its important for me to do to be totally honest with myself and I think that it is important for other people to read to. I mean putting weight on is easy. What is harder is getting it off and sometimes for peopel (especially me) its not as easy as eat clean, train hard. There is a whole other side of it, a side that I’ve been hiding behind for 27 years!

I love my new trainer!

Last week I started with a new trainer thanks to my sister in law! This week I had a personal session and a group session and wow, did I work hard or did I work hard! I have a suspicion that my own words are coming back to haunt me lol. I loved how I am pushed, how I am realising how far I have come and I like knowing how much more I have got to go.

Weight is now down to 104.3kg making it a total loss of 23.5kg. I like the new choices of clothing I have and I’m finally getting back some confidence. I have people who haven’t seen me for a while stopping me in the shopping centre and today at school. It was a nice feeling. Sometimes you need those moments to help spur you on to remain strong and just to keep on going!


Dont let wet weather get in your way, JFDI!

I’ve had a training session organised with some girls for this afternoon and as murphys law would have it, we woke up to pouring rain! I gave the girls two options, JFDI and get out there despite the weather or rechedule. To my excitement they have all said yep lets get out there! Do you remember how when you were young it was so much fun to run around in the rain, slip around and get covered in mud….why does that have to change now? I am looking forward to getting out there, getting dirty and coming home to a cup of low cal hot chocolate or a protein shake (actually i like the protein shake idea better!)

Will update after our return!

Updating Week 4

This could easily turn into a mammoth post but i’m short for time.

Week 5 weigh in and only a 500g loss on scales, this is evident of how little i’m doing so the only person i can blame is me! I let the excuses come in this week, I have just felt absolutely stuffed! I needed a week after the school holidays to just recoup, do nothing if i feel like it and focus on getting the house back in some order (yeah that worked out real well, each time i get somewhere someone else (KIDS!!!!) ruin in but such is life). Given this though the cm’s are moving from my waist and my hips so I am not going to complain about that. I wish that i could make it move from my hips faster!  So so far in the past 4 weeks i have lost 5.6kg. Just 400g shy of my first 4 weekly goal which was 6kg but its a good effort!

People are noticing now that i’m losing weight, I’m getting compliments and pats on the back which is very encouraging. I love seeing the eyes bulge when I say oh yeah i’ve lost 20kg!! It is a feat, a great achievement I know but I guess i’m not feeling how i thought I would. When i look in the mirror i still see the muffin top, the saggy tummy, the saggy tuckshop arms and sometimes I just dont feel any different. I then start a vicious cycle of getting angry at myself (how could i have been so stupid all these years, how could i have damaged my body!) You get the picture. My pants are falling around my bum but when I think of trying a smaller size I have a little voice inside my head saying “your kidding yourself right, a 16 will never fit!”I really need to get rid of that little voice, its not my friend in anyway but its been there for 27 years so its certainly not going to go away over night. What i should be doing is using that voice to fuel the fire!

As my fitness has increased and the weight come off, I’ve found my exercise needs have changed. I’m starting to feel bored at the gym. Sorry running on the treadmill is just boring and the double classes, well they are burning the calories off but its not doing anything else for me. I’ve been going to boxing classes and the training is certainly different. I’ve learnt more about my body and even surprised myself. I’m able to punch with the boys (although punching on witht the trainer last weekend was a tad scary!!) and its a great stress relief. It has me re-thinking all of my exercise goals and plans. I know what my body needs but its a matter of finding someone who can push me like that. Sounds weird but I want to be like the contenstants on the biggest loser, I wan to get to that point where the body feels it can’t take anymore and they are spewing up. Only once  have i felt a tad nausiated but never have i ever been pushed to that limit. Its almost that i’m craving that type of workout. Who would have thought! This is coming from the girl or actually i should say woman because I am not a girl anymore, who hated even walking. Yes I hated walking that much that when i was pregnant and had to walk back up the inlaws hill I cried! (yes mil i know if your reading this you will be laughing cause i laugh about it now too).

This past week though I reached a little goal clothes wise. I went into the shops with my sister in law as i needed to try on some new dresses (i have a very poor wardrobe at the moment and feel most comfortable in my gym gear!). so we went around and picked out some dresses for me to try on, not once did i even step into the plus size section. I went and grabbed some 16’s and they all fit! Some didn’t look great, not everything suits everyone but I was just over the moon that they actually fit. To think back in May (4 and a bit months ago) I was wearing a city chic size large (20-22) dresses and size 22 jeans!! today i tried on a pair of shorts in a 16, they were a tad tight but they fit. i didn’t get them, shorts and me just don’t mix but I just wanted to try.

So going to attach a photo for you so you can see the difference (that i’m still not happy with) from the beginning of 12wbt, the end of 12wbt and 3 weeks into my second round. I am proud of my achievements but i need to deal with these other issues too. Losing weight is not just about dropping the kg’s its an emotional and mental journey that sometimes teaches you things you thought you knew about yourself.

Thanks for reading my small essay! Its a bit of a mixed one.

20kg gone baby!!!!!!!!

20kg gone! so freaking happy you cant wipe the smile off my face 🙂


Week 2

Weigh in this week I wasn’t expecting anything fantastic. Little exercise and some indulgent eating have occurred a bit too much. This week we saw off my hubby to his new job so its been a tad emotional for me. This will be the longest time we’ve been away from each other for nearly 11 years! So it was nice to hop on the scales and see a 500g loss. It was something!

Truth of the matter is I’m struggling with the school holidays, not in the sense of omg these kids! I’m losing my hair! More to the point of organising the time to get in some training, having somewhere there to help me look after them so that i can get to some group fitness. Some of you may know that I use the creche at the gym but holidays is the only time I dont, it just simply gets too expensive. So I need to do something to change this. I’ve organised a family group fitness event up here tomorrow but I need something more than that! I need to get organised as it is only hurting me.

So on the agenda today for me is to organise myself a bit better in terms of training and i’m also doing a massive wardrobe clean. I’m getting rid of everything and I’m going to enjoy trying on the old size 22 clothes before I move them on!

Week 1 weigh in

Week 1 weight in of Round 3 was yesterday. Happy to report in the first week a weightloss of 1.6kg. Really happy with that and if i keep it up i’ll be well on my way to hitting my goal of 15kg. (Actually i’m hoping for more but 15kg seems a pretty good start).

It got me thinking though this afternoon how would it feel to hit under 100kg? How would i celebrate? Would i feel differently? What shape would my body take? Its hard to believe that in about a month or so time i’m going to be there. I can’t even remember a time that I was under 100kg. Probably in highschool but what age i’m not sure! Looking forward to getting there though!